Montessori Method

The Montessori methodology we use is both a method and a philosophy of education. Dr. Maria Montessori based her ideas on respect for children and their amazing ability to learn. The thought and the hope of humanity, so giving them the opportunity to use the freedom from the early years of development, the child would be an adult with capacity to deal with life's problems, including the most greatest of all, war and peace. The educational material designed is of great help in the preschool period of training.

metodo montessoriThe absorbent mind of children.

The minds of children have a wonderful ability: the ability to acquire its psychic life absorbing knowledge. We learn everything unconsciously, passing slowly from the unconscious to the conscious, moving along a path where all is joy. Children were compared to a sponge, with the difference that the sponge has a limited absorption capacity, the child's mind is infinite. Knowledge comes into his head by the simple fact of living.

Thus we understand that the first period of human development is the most important. It is the stage of life in which there is more need for help, help that is not because he is deemed insignificant and a weak being, but because he is endowed with great creative which must be gently nurtured.


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