Admissions and placements

Toy Box takes applications from parents of children who are 'walking', this is the entry requirement. Pupils may stay in the center until the time they start primary school. The children are grouped according to their integral developmental stage and not just their age. Depending on the year and the number of children in the school, there could be a variation between two or three classes operative.

The class for the very little ones has a focus on developing social skills and basic autónomy, this class is referred to as the Teddy Room, because of the tender age of the children and because of the need to embrace these little ones with love and physical care, mostly because this is still their basic need. If the pupils feel loved, cared for and protected, they will be more willing to explore and respond to their natural curiosity. The academic nurturing starts here.

As the child progresses through the school, the learning objectives become more complex, both physically and academically. The middle class is called Jigsaw, the name reflects the connections children are beginning to make and understand about their surroundings and the academic material available to them.

The class of the older children is called Hobby Horse, a Hobby Horse is a toy made from a stick with a horse's head, children ride a Hobby Horse and gallop away and this is what is seen to happen with the development of the children in this class. They learn at a greater speed, they race ahead. The older pupils then graduate having gained all the basic knowledge necessary for their next step to primary school. Most of these six year olds or rising six year olds have already learnt to read in English, they understand mathematical terms and can perform simple mathematical operations. They will have a considerable general knowledge base, they will have engaged in multiple activities first hand, they will have a rich cultural awareness and a sensitivity to common moral standards.

Teddy Room ­ class size, maximum 12 children (attended by a teacher and teacher assistant)

Jigsaw ­ class size 10 to 12 ( attended by a teacher and part time assistant)

Hobby Horse ­ class size 12 to 14 (attended by a teacher and partial part time support)


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