The Montessori methodology we use is both a method and a philosophy of education based primarily on respect for children and their amazing ability to learn.

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Our School program is structured to suit all children's educational levels and it is interrelated through six areas of learning established by the British education system EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). These areas are similar to those established by the LOE for the infant stage. Include: language (English), Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Creative Development, Mathematical Development, Creativity ..


"Ecology" in Toy Box Little School of English is considered as a subject itself, and it is related to many of our daily activities. The survival of our planet is in the hands of our children, so that ecological awareness is one of our priorities. Gardening activities, recycling, waste separation, observing insects and care for our pets and animals are very important on a daily basis.


Toy Box Little School of English uses a system of comprehensive and continuous evaluation. The parents receive reports and tutorials at the end of the school year. In case of children with special needs, Toy Box Little School of English has an external support team, they can visit the center if a behavior modification program is needed or other areas of personal development. The center is able to accommodate children with physical impairments, although a detailed study is required on both sides, the school and parents.


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